Advantages of Vitamin C and Zinc.

The coronavirus outbreak has got people questioning their immunity and buying vitamin supplements all around the world. As a result of this the demands of Vitamin C and Zinc supplements has grown exponentially due to their ability to boost a person’s immunity. During a viral infection the body fights it with the help of white blood cells which are the basis of our immunity.

During these infections there, a handful of cytokines produced in our body which cause harmful effects are reduced by the action of Zinc and Vitamin C. Zinc is also known to boost the production of these infection fighting White blood cells and T-cells. Vitamin C is known for providing overall immunity is most advantageous against a respiratory based illness. The lack of Vitamin C is one of the most common nutrition deficiencies.

The elderly has been at the highest risk from the Coronavirus infection. With growing age, the body loses its strength to fight the invading viruses, and when combined with existing medical conditions, it places elderly people at higher risk. It is thereby necessary to provide the right amount of Vitamin C to the elderly and those ones with insufficient Vitamin C intake, in order to keep the immune system function efficiently to fight against infections.

There are a variety of Vitamin C and Zinc rich foods that can be consumed to increase their levels in one’s body. In the unavailability or due to other reasons if a person is not being able to consume such foods, he/she can resort to supplements which have been quite effective. Supplements not only provide the body with the required Vitamin C and Zinc but also contain certain other important nutrients in them which help keep heart diseases at bay.

One of Xania’s product the Vitamin C + Zinc 500 mg “XANO FIZZ VZ Effervescent tablet has just the right amount of nutrients required to keep your immunity at its peak. It contains the required amounts of Zinc and Vitamin C and also is a pretty enjoyable drink which gives a refreshing effect.  XANOFIZZ is also a Diabetic friendly product. As we all know that due to the pandemic Doctors have advised people to refrain from consuming soft drinks and cold beverages which are a source of refreshment during the summer season. As a substitute you may try one of Xania’s effervescent tablets which give you the refreshment along with the required nutrients.

By Akshat Kumar