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At Xania, we do foresee, That after 2020 the current role of the pharmaceutical industry’s sales and marketing workforce shall undergo metamorphosis with the likelihood of implementation of major policy causing the shift in its outlook and model, as the industry shifts from a mass-market to a target-market approach to increase revenue.

XANIANS visualise the future dynamics that is building up and would lead to a novel marketing and sales system with a smaller, more agile and smarter sales force. The Pharma / Nutraceutical Industry may no longer continue being rewarded for incremental innovation, me-too products and selling the most common pills. Every company will need to demonstrate that their brand adds value to patients / customers and they will have to offer a package of products and health services that the market not only wants but is willing to pay a premium for. There are very strong indications substantiated by facts related to the need and demand of the hour for the Pharmaceutical marketing to modify its marketing and sales functions to suit the changing need and times in order to sustain future growth and performance.

We consider those changes in the business environment will provide Xania with a lucky chance to be of service to organization and operational structure having the willingness and readiness to compete for the changing scenario of the future.

To enable you to achieve your goals, we offer the following services for Branding and Marketing to your Organization on a case to case, product to product and geographical basis. Xania shall offer the required service at a reasonable fee.

Some defined services are listed below.

  • Chronic disease segment which is soaring to develop innovative / niche brands.
  • Handling and addressing sales performance issues.
  • Identify the interdependence of the payer, provider and value chains for bringing performance.
  • Guidance to Invest in developing medicines the market wants to buy.
  • Assist you to adopt a more flexible approach to pricing.
  • Develop plans for marketing and selling specialist therapies
  • Manage multi-country launches and live licensing.
  • Form and employ a web of alliances to offer supporting services.
  • Create cultures that are suitable for marketing specialist healthcare packages
  • Formulate, devise and manage therapy-based product launches.
  • Skill and Market Training to your employees.
  • Address your situation and solve the problem by employing tailor made solutions.