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As the global pharmaceutical market continues to evolve, it’s apparent that the use of, and need for contract service and manufacturing providers will continue to expand.

The reasons for this growth are fairly basic but bear repeating. Pharmaceutical innovator companies need to stock their pipelines with new drugs but do not have the resources they once had to discover, develop, and manufacture products. Hence the need for outside help.

Xania provides contract manufacturing services to our prospective customers all over the world. We have cGMP and WHO – GMP manufacturing facilities for Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals and Antiseptic and Disinfectant Products.

Xania has the competence, flexibility and facilities to take on challenging projects which require custom tailored processes. With a broad range of expertise and technologies available, Xania offers support and services ranging from development and procurement to full-scale manufacturing, distribution, tech transfer, stability studies, and life cycle management. In addition to human pharmaceuticals, Xania can also supply medical devices and veterinary products.

Following are details of such contract manufacturing services.

Comprehensive Contract Manufacturing Services

  • Contract manufacturing services for all dosage forms, including oral products, injectables and external preparations.
  • Xania, in addition to its well-known production capacity and technological competence, has an unrivalled capacity for development,
  • Quick, flexible development ranging from pharmaceutical formulations to containers according to the requirements of customers,
  • High-Value-Added Pharmaceutical Formulations and Generic Drugs
  • Proposal and development of high-value-added pharmaceutical formulations, including kit formulations, orally disintegrating tablets, DDS-applied products,TTS-applied products based on  highly advanced formulation technologies.
  • Various supports for formulation development, marketing approval, application, etc, .based on our formulation technologies and project-management expertise.