After 18 months of planning and strategic moves ‘even during the Covid19 lockdown times’ Xania has found her way into the Cambodian market. The MOU between Xania and their Cambodian business partner Zen was signed in August 2019. In due course of time Xania has made the required financial investments for this project and has also completed the submission of the necessary documents in compliance with the Cambodian Ministry of Health. As soon as Xania receives the approval and marketing authorization from the MOH their products will be rolled out for launch in Cambodia.

Cambodia is a South East Asian Nation with its capital at Phnom Penh. With a population of 16.2 millions 42% of the economy is dependent on service sector. With dependence on imports for their healthcare requirements the market is open and the economy poised to grow rapidly. Xania aims to grow together with Cambodia and with the people of this Nation.