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Xanofit Brand Story

Just as most of the interesting stories begin, this one also features a “once upon a time” beginning.

Once upon a time there lived a panda family in the dense bamboo forests on the earth. They had a baby boy and named him Xano. Xano was a cute panda and a strong one too. He was full of joy and playfulness.

Forever restless, he kept roaming and exploring the world that was new to him. Despite his parents attempt to put him to sleep in the afternoon, he never quite complied with them. He was so full of energy that he just didn’t seem to get tired. He kept running and jumping around all day long every single day.

As Xano started getting a little older, his energy levels subsided. His strength was failing him. Now he couldn’t jump and run around all day. He started getting tired and wanted to sleep more. He started feeling lazy, his bones ached, his eyesight weakened he was no longer as healthy and fit as before. He felt very sad about his situation.

Therefore Xano went to his mother and asked her why was all that was happening to him? Why wasn’t he as energetic as before? Just like all mothers, she said that same thing which has been said for ages.

Xano’s mother told him that he needs to start eating green vegetables which will enable him to gain more energy and that he has to leave all the junk food that he loves to eat. According to Xano this was nothing but an excuse by his mother to feed green veggies to her children. He felt very sad and thought he was never going to be fit like before as he didn’t like to eat green vegetables.

A week passed and little Xano almost made up his mind to start eating green vegetables as it was too boring for him to lie around, feeling tired all day long.

Just then he saw a boy of his age jumping and running around. The boy was full of energy and zest….. just like how Xano was and wanted to be once again! Xano approached the boy and asked him how did he become so energetic and enthusiastic whereas he himself had become lazy? “Is it because of green vegetables” asked Xano. The boy smiled and said “Is that what your mother suggested you”? Xano replied in affirmative.

The boy continued “Your mother is right. Green vegetables do give us enough strength for our daily activities and even more. They are rich in nutrients and help develop our bodies”. Xano replied in a low voice “Oh! So that is really true. Which implies that I should eat green vegetables too, so that I become energetic like you”. The boy smiled again and replied “Nope, that is not what I meant to say. All I said was that your mother is right.

I didn’t say that it is the only way to be like me”. With a puzzled look, Xano asked the boy what he meant. The boy took out a bottle of gummies and gave it to Xano. He told him that his name was Mr. Fit and that those incredible gummies gave him the strength for his daily activities. He was on a mission to give these gummies to as many children as possible so that they could also be energetic and fit.

Xano took the bottle from Mr. Fit and started eating the gummies daily. Xano and Mr. Fit became inseperable friends and started spending the day together, playing and having fun. Xano got all his energy back and his laziness disappeared.

Thanks to the gummies given to him by Mr Fit! When the time came for Mr Fit to continue his journey in order to complete his mission; Xano accompanied Mr Fit in his journey. Soon these unnamed gummies came to be known as the XanoFit gummies which were named so to celebrate the friendship of Xano the panda and Mr Fit.