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Our products are manufactured at multiple locations in India, USA and Europe.


Xania Manufactures as well as outsource her Global Brands and various other Products from a number of quality manufacturers who are certified, accredited and approved by stringent international regulatory bodies. These manufacturing facilities are located at different places in India and in different countries, spread across the geography of the world.

Xania select their manufacturing partners through a comprehensive and stringent vendor selection and  validation process laid down by the Technical team in the Vendor selection Manual of Xania.

Xania specializes in manufacturing and offering quality products to her exclusive class of International customers from multiple locations that are spread all across the world, Depending primarily upon the:- Regulatory requirements, Market proximity and Ease of Logistical Support.


Manufacturing in USA is conducted in The State-of-the-Art facilities


Export products of Xania are also offered from Europe


Locations- 1, 2 and 3.


Manufacturers from anywhere in India or overseas who wish to be a partner manufacturer or vendor of Xania are welcome to join and grow their business with us. If you are interested please feel free to write to the undersigned. Mr. PH Verma (Director of Operation and Manufacturing), Email ID-


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