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Xania has successfully fulfilled the requirements of documents for the purpose of registration of its brands Xano Fit and Xano Fizz at the FDA of Myanmar. Upon obtaining the product registrations Xania brands will be exported to Myanmar for their maiden launch. Telpha Group is the business partner o...
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Xania Enters The Himalayan Nation of Nepal

Carefully planning its steps ahead of the task that lies ahead, Xania has entered the Nepalese market. Nepal is a south Asian country with a population of 30 Millions. Kathmandu is its capital and its economy is based on agriculture and tourism. Nepal has great potential in the Healthcare segment. X...
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Xania Makes its Presence Felt in Singapore

Singapore is a South East Asian island city-state officially known as the Republic of Singapore. With a population of 5.5 Million Singapore’s economy is highly developed, open and one of the most vibrant in the world. Singapore is a major financial hub of the world and home to a highly developed f...
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Xania in Tanzania

After months of preparations Xania has now finally entred the Tanzanian market. Tanzania is located in East Africa and boasts a population of 57 millions. The capital city is at Dodoma and it is a developing nation. The economy is highly dependent on agricultural activities.Xania has partnered with ...
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Xania Set its Foot Step in Mauritius

Xania has now set its feet in Mauritius with its wide range of products. Mauritius is an island country situated in the Indian Ocean with its capital being Port Louis. It has a small population of 1.27 Milion and it has a mixed developing economy. Over 65% of Mauritius is comprised of ethenic Indian...
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Xania Makes A Strategic Entry in Nigeria

Xania has succeeded in engaging into strategic alliance with a company in Nigeria. Xania also is in the process of establishing a subsidiary in the commercial capital of Lagos. Nigeria is a country in West Africa with Abuja as its capital. It has a population of 200 millions.Its the most populous Af...
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Xania is now in Ethiopia

Xania is completing all the necessary regulatory formalities and will be ready to launch its products in Ethiopia very soon. Ethiopia is an East African Nation with its capital at Addis Ababa. With a population of almost 110 Millions, It is the 2nd most populous country in Africa and has the fastest...
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Xania Entered The Zambian Market

Xania has strategized and planned to make a move foray into the Zambian market in partnership with a renowned and reputed a local dealer. The African Nation Zambia has Lusaka as its capital. Zambia's estimated population is approximately 20 millions and an economy that is evolving and growing. Xania...
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