Xania launches Delicious, Enriching, Palatable and highly Nutritious ULTRAXAN Gold

Xania is delighted to inform her valuable consumers about the launch of the latest product in her portfolio of Powder Nutrition- The “ULTRAXAN Gold” also called as “UX Gold”. This is pure vegetarian. UX Gold is a nutrition powder that goes well with milk and water, served hot or chilled. UX Gold is a tasty treat to get the growing children or even needy adults and elderly all the essential nutrition that they need. This latest addition to our product family contains a wide range of vitamins, minerals, fibre, trace elements, protein and carbohydrates. UX Gold is a rich supplement of protein that is an important building block of the muscles, cartilages, skin and blood. It also helps in making enzymes, hormones and other chemicals in our body.

UX Gold has minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium that are a very important part of our body, whilst calcium is good for making our bones and teeth strong amongst other benefits potassium helps maintain the blood pressure and also preserves bone mineral density. Whereas magnesium is also an essential mineral for healthy bone formation. There is a rich iron content in UX Gold that is an important part of the haemoglobin in our body. UX Gold also has DHA which is essential for the development of brain and is very good for growing children. Apart from all this the UX Gold also has a rich content of all the essential vitamins that boost up your immunity just right and to partner these vitamins the UX Gold also contains zinc which again is known for its immunity boosting abilities. It contains various minerals that are all required for various purposes by the body. To top it all up let us inform you that UX Gold contains 0 sugar, yes you read that correct all you health conscious people. All the benefits of these vitamins and minerals without taking any extra calories.